Monday, March 27, 2017

The Canaanite Plague – Diagnosing the American Church

 When YAHWEH freed the Children of Israel from slavery in Egypt and brought them to the Promised Land (Canaan), He gave them specific instructions.   In order for them to successfully build a thriving nation, based on God’s Covenant, they had to completely remove the pagan, Canaanite influences from the entire region.  This meant the complete destruction of all of the Canaanite nations and peoples, all of their religious imagery and buildings, and every single pagan practice the former residents sought to share with the Hebrews.

This idea sounds like a form of genocide to the modern mind.  It is often pointed to by criticizing atheists as to why belief in the Bible’s God is untenable.  It also seems foreign to the goals of the Christian Church as taught by Jesus.

But, this is but a cursory, surface examination of the historical events and God’s motives.  The reality is that God so cherished His chosen people, the only nation He ever formally made a covenant with, that He wanted to protect them from all evil influences in the world which would hamper their faith and cause them to ignore their special relationship with Him – hence the colorful metaphor in Scripture of God being “a jealous God.”  He knew their experience was that of pagan, polytheistic Egypt and He wanted far better for them.

We must also understand that God was using His people as the instrument of His judgment against the Canaanite nations for their gross sin, immorality, and evil.  The ritual sacrifice of infants was not unknown to many of the Canaanite nations – sacrificing children to Moloch is reported in the scriptures; despite the protestations of the “PC” liberal scholars.

Temple prostitution was also a requirement for many in Canaan.  Both husbands and wives would “serve their time” in temple brothels for periods of time each year.  The ramifications for Canaanite families were devastating. 

Violence, abuse, slavery, civil corruption, and economic fraud were all rampant – often the norm in many of the Canaanite city-states.

God knew just how devastating this debauched, pagan, polytheism would be to His people.  So, they were ordered to utterly destroy all in Canaan.  He had promised them they would have the homes, vineyards, flocks, and lands of the people they were dispossessing, but they were not to allow any of the influences of the people to warp their God-ordained destinies. 

Ultimately, the Hebrews failed to keep God’s command and this led to their eventual downfall and destruction as a nation.  Throughout almost all of its Old Testament history, Israel flirted with idolatry and pagan immorality.

God was patient and kind enough to hold off judgment for many centuries.  There were periods of foreign oppression and invasion during the period, but the Hebrews generally repented and were restored in their covenant with God for a time.  But, the end would come in both the 700s and 500s B.C. with successive invasions and the destructions of both halves of the Jewish Nation.

The underlying cause for all of their troubles as a nation was the fact that the Jews just couldn’t stay true to God.  They always seemed to have one eye looking at what their pagan neighbors had that they might want to also experience.  They allowed the influences of the pagan Canaanites and other pagan regional neighbors to influence their culture to its downfall. 

This was exactly the thing God wanted to help them avoid by purging the land of evil before they came to dwell there permanently.  Yet, they failed to trust Him and left vestiges of Canaanite paganism intact.

Now, let’s fast forward to today’s modern Christian Church.  What parallels can we draw from the Hebrews’ conquest failures?  How has “the Canaanite plague” infected the Christian Church today?

First of all, we must confess to having failed in similar ways as our Hebrew brothers and sisters.  We, too, have failed to heed God’s warnings to keep the pagan influences out of our churches.  We haven’t been willing to purge the heretics and subtle evils from our midst in order to protect the flock from ruin.

Let’s look at how this has happened.  The cancer goes back almost two centuries already with the advent of the German higher critical theological movement.  When those Enlightenment-warped theologians from continental Europe began to denigrate the truth of the Scriptures; to subjugate God’s Word to their highly speculative textual and sociological theories, the wells of orthodoxy were poisoned.

Once God’s Word was seen in light of some pseudo, superior “scientific” methodologies, the Church began its slide to oblivion.  It didn’t take long for basic, historic Christian doctrines to be disbelieved and impugned.  Darwin replaced Moses as the author of the Creation account.  Jesus was stripped of His Divinity.  The authenticity of the Biblical texts was dismissed.

A glaring hole formed in the heart of Christianity; a hole which would soon be filled with all kinds of humanist mischief.  Liberation theology mutated out of Marxism and grew many heads of its own as each supposedly aggrieved social grouping formed their own version.  Everyone became a victim needing special consideration and prominence in the church.  Finally, any notion of a Biblical Christ was completely pushed out the church doors and replaced with the lazy, bloated god of “tolerance.”

Today, the institutional, mainline Church says or does nothing Biblical anymore; except for badly quoting Scriptures out of context to reinforce radical fantasies.  And, true believers have been shepherded behind church walls so as not to offend anyone in today’s “enlightened” society.

But, that still was not enough for modern enraged secularists.  They remained cranky that there were any “ignorant” religious fanatics left out there who still disagreed with their self-revelatory enlightenment.

As King Théoden once famously said, “How did it come to this?”

What we see today is the exact same result as the Jews experienced because they disobeyed God’s command to “remove the Canaanite from the land.”  The Christian Church has repeatedly refused to purge its ranks from heretics and the “boasting sinners.”

We have allowed those with obviously unbiblical beliefs to remain among us and even put them into positions of leadership.  After all, we don’t want to appear “unloving” do we?

And we have allowed those who want to sin openly to become members and leaders within our churches.  Let’s face it, the result from that hasn’t been their conviction and repentance, it has been the leading astray of the physically and spiritually young among us.

In American society, the Church shifted.  At first Christians demanded that society practice at least a nominal form of religious devotion and consistent Biblical morality.  Even if not all professed faith in Christ, all at least were respectful of those who did.

But, amidst the theological confusion created by the denigration of the Scriptures, the Church retreated behind the philosophy of “live and let live.”  After all, who were we to claim to speak for God as to how all people should live?

Heterosexual monogamy after the benefit of a Christian marriage ceremony might be our preference, but who were we to tell others that “shacking up” was wrong?  Who were we to declare that children born out of wedlock were illegitimate?

Soon, our churches had pews and boards with open fornicators on them.  Never mind the concept of sin and repentance.  The “new gospel” said, “I’m OK, you’re OK.”

When the homosexual rights movement began, the Church also cowered to the “tolerance police” who claimed that we should just allow others to seek love in whatever manner they chose.  Instead of standing against this destructive behavior, the Church largely ignored it for a time.

As the militant homosexual movement grew, so did their demands.  HIPAA laws were passed to protect the privacy of promiscuous homosexuals who might become stigmatized if others knew they had AIDS. 

What then followed was the demand for “civil union” rights.  “We don’t want to change the definition of marriage”, they said.  “We just want the right to share in the same insurance benefits as heterosexual married couples.”

How gullible and naïve the Church was!  Every new “invented” right for those who practice homosexual behavior led to the demand for more and more rights.

Next came the demand for marriage equality.  Why should homosexual couples be seen as some kind of second-class citizens, they argued.  Five lawyers in black robes agreed and 6,000 years of basic human understandings of marriage were thrown into the “trash can of history.”

But, that was still not enough.  Next, all Christian businesses were to be made to bow the knee to the “god of tolerance” as well.  One’s own religious convictions were now second class to wishes of the “gaystapo.”  Those battles are still raging, but the “rainbow jihad” has already moved on to attack new societal ground.

Leaving all semblance of reality, the latest LGBT push is to accommodate those with severe psychological gender issues as if they were the second coming of Gandhi.  Now, even if someone wants to pretend they are the opposite sex, everyone else in society must be forced to play along with their fantasy.

And, this is especially designed to target children because they are the most impressionable and the schools are open to indoctrination since God hasn’t been welcome there in decades – also because of the Church’s prophetic impotence.

So, what happens next?  We have already seen the mainline Church openly embrace all of the “rainbow jihad’s” agenda.  I remember a UCC clergy speaker demanding churches remove “male” and “female” signs from church restroom doors as far back as 2002.

What is to happen to the evangelical Church?  Are we still the faithful remnant?  Or, have we also tainted our hands and souls with the “Canaanite plague” as well?

Do we have the spiritual wisdom and strength to take a stand against lies and evil as they have crept into our churches as well?  Or, have we so compromised our witness by excusing the blatant vulgarisms of Donald Trump since “at least he wasn’t Hillary”?

The Church’s only hope is repentance and humility before God Almighty.  We must ask for His mercy.  We must recommit to His Truth.  We must stand on His Word to rebuild our foundation.

And, we must be willing to purge our ranks of the heretics, the con men, the false prophets, and the squishy theological cowards who refuse to call out those who lead the sheep astray.

No, God hasn’t called us to destroy the Canaanites in a literal sense.  Jesus still motivates us by His Love.  But, part of His Love is His Truth and it is in that Truth we must stand.

We must tell the world that what we proclaim is reality, not just some subjective opinion.  We must stop apologizing for making the sinner feel guilty and the pagan feel silly in their beliefs.

And, we must not continue to confuse our own cowardice with Biblical meekness.  We are always called to confront evil whenever and wherever we see it.  We are called to be shepherds of the flock – driving off the wolves and jackals that seek to devour the precious lambs of our Lord.

If the Christian Church is to survive the “Canaanite plague”, we cannot continue doing either nothing or the same old, same old.  Dangerous times call for a dangerous faith.

God didn’t send the women and children into Canaan first.  He sent Joshua and his armies; along with the priests carrying the Ark of the Covenant.  Today, we need Christian warriors for truth.  We must be bold, fearless, loving, and charitable; all at the same time.  The time for hand-wringing and cloistering is over.

If our nation is to survive, it desperately needs our Biblical witness.  We need to tear down the strongholds of the enemy.  We need to pray to shake loose the powers of heaven.  And, we need to challenge every soul on the planet to believe in Jesus or face a hellish eternity.

In other words, the spiritual Canaanites must die and new, redeemed souls must arise – within and outside of the Church’s walls.

Monday, March 20, 2017

RINOCare – From Crony Socialism Back to Crony Capitalism

(Please note:  A significantly edited version of this article was posted by Conservatives Corner at the following link -  What follows is the author's original unedited version)

America used to have the best medical care system in the world.  The free market was running smoothly as people chose both their doctors and which, if any, health insurance plans they wanted.  It used to be that people only bought catastrophic plans – in case of serious diseases and expensive operations.  People paid cash for things like doctors’ visits and prescriptions.  This was America before the government got involved.

But, all that changed in the 20th century with the creeping socialism that got its foot in the door of many American institutions.  Healthcare was just one of those areas.  The expansion of healthcare was actually related to the growing monster that is the income tax.  Employers started to offer health insurance as an incentive to workers to be able to compensate them at greater levels without increasing their tax burden.  Thus, the government began to shape American business and labor via the tax code and secondarily, the health insurance industry.

With the advent of social programs through the 1930s – 1960s, healthcare was a part of the package the government “snake oil salesmen” sold to the American people in the name of having compassion for the poor.  These government healthcare plans for the poor and elderly were designed to keep government in control and a growing number of citizens dependent on government largesse.  These plans also changed the character of much of the healthcare industry.  More and more people wanted comprehensive plans – where they would have to pay little or nothing for healthcare.

From there, the progressives and socialists started screaming about healthcare being a right (an entitlement) for all.  This reached a crescendo during the Clinton years of the 90s with the first failed efforts of “Hillarycare.”  This boondoggle was kept at bay until Barack Obama was elected President with a Democrat majority in both houses of Congress in 2008.  Early 2010 gave us Obamacare – the socialist dream of government control over every American life (even those set to be destroyed in the womb).  And, never forget, only Democrats voted for it.

Yet, since the 2010 Congressional elections, the American people have been calling loudly and strongly for its repeal.  Both true conservatives and sleazy RINOs have been equally promising its repeal ever since.  Now, in 2017, with a Republican President and Republican majorities in both Houses of Congress, there remains not one single excuse for the continued existence of Obamacare and its dreadful consequences foisted upon Americans’ healthcare.

But, never fear, The RINOs are here!  What has oozed out from the stagnant pools of Washington’s swamp is nothing more than a putrid payout to their insurance company lobbyist bosses.  Instead of returning healthcare back to the people and their doctors, now the RINOs are set to make big insurance our new healthcare masters.  Just look at the proposal for the penalty fines for those who don’t want to buy insurance – the individual mandate as Obama and his minions called it.  Instead of paying the government extortion payments, now we will be paying off big insurance under the Ryan RINO plan! 

So, Obama’s crony socialism is going to be replaced with the RINOs’ crony capitalism.  Yep, that’s right.  If Ryan and his posse have their way, we will all become slaves of big insurance.  Guess what?  That will still mean lousy coverage, limited doctors, and smaller hospitals closing as big insurance and their government “enforcers” herd us all into what benefits their bottom line the most regardless of quality, affordability, and accessibility.  This isn’t even “putting lipstick on a pig.”  It is smearing manure all over the pig and serving it for Christmas dinner!

The only solution is to put more and more pressure on members of Congress (and the President) to keep their promises and fully repeal Obamacare.  Remove government restrictions on healthcare.  And, allow consumers, their doctors, and the free market to rebuild the best medical care system in the world.  Obama’s socialists are gone.  Next, the lobbyist controlled RINOs need to be come fossils at the bottom of Washington’s swamp!  Time for We The People to remind Washington that they work for us!

Thursday, January 26, 2017

The LIE of the Century!

For those of us old enough to remember when Roe v. Wade became law, it has been a long, long battle for truth.  Of course, the pro-aborts will never admit what they are actually doing - killing a baby in the womb.

But, the greatest tragedy in this whole struggle for human rights is the fact that America's press has been largely lying to the American people ever since 1973 when the curse of legalized abortion was forced on the American people by a jaded, liberal, Nihilistic Supreme Court.

Nothing has ever been fully reported about abortion by the MSM that tells either the truth about what abortion is or the reality of those caring brave souls who have been fighting to save babies' lives for decades.

It still remains to be seen if current President Trump's chiding of the national press will change that dynamic.

So committed to secular feminist philosophy is the national press, that they would rather look like fools than be honest.

I wrote about my personal experience with how the press treats the pro-life movement in my book - Yes! We Still Can Turn This Nation Around!  This incident took place almost 27 years ago:
          "It was the summer of 1990.  I boarded a bus early in the morning and traveled the 3 ½ hours to Washington D.C.  I was on my way to an expected gathering of pro-life people called the Rally for Life ’90.  I was on the chartered bus with a variety of people from my home area – young and old, Protestant and Catholic, blue collar and white collar.  We were all headed to our nation’s capital to show our support for life.  I wasn’t sure what to expect.  I didn’t know how many people would show up or how successful the event would turn out.
         My questions were answered when we got into the city.  We were jammed in with traffic.  By the time we got to RFK stadium, our bus parking place, the parking lot was overflowing with busses, emptying and empty, from people who had come there from several states in the Union.  As we made our way to the nearest Metro station – heading for the National Mall, the crowds grew larger and larger.  By the time we got off at the Federal Triangle, we were pushed along in a moving river of humanity – all heading in one direction.  As I approached the Mall from behind the Washington Monument, it was already crowded with people on the hillside.  I continued up over the hill and, finally reaching the crest, my eyes were shocked by what I saw.

        From the top of the Washington Monument hill all the way down to the Reflecting Pool and to the base of the Lincoln Memorial was a solid sea of humanity!  This was before any other memorials were constructed there, so it was virtually all open space; at least it would have been had not hundreds of thousands of people been occupying the lawn!  Only the sidewalks were visible.  This was the largest group of people I had ever seen in one place.
         Needless to say, the rally was a huge success.  We heard speeches and music for hours.  Celebrities, government leaders, and pro-life dignitaries all took their turn to inform, motivate, and entertain us.  All 50 states were represented.  People came from all over the world.  An absolute cross-section of humanity was present.  I saw people of all ages, all races, all creeds, and all nationalities.  There were Catholic priests and nuns, Greek Orthodox monks, Jewish Rabbis, Protestant clergy, and all other sorts of people.  There were people in their 80s and 90s.  There were newborns in strollers.  Banners, signs, and streamers by the thousands waved in the breezes of that hot Washington summer day.
        By the time it ended, I was exhausted.  I slowly made my way back through the crowds to RFK to find my bus.  When all the riders were accounted for, we headed back home slowly; fighting traffic for at least the first two hours.  When I finally got home it was very late. 
         Before I went to bed, I thought I’d check the news to see what kind of story the event had gotten.  Now, remember, this was long before Fox News, the Internet, and Facebook.  My news options were limited.  CNN was the only cable news in existence. 
         To my dismay, the news media largely ignored the event.  What small stories they did mention reported the crowd at just around 100,000.  I know they were there.  I saw news cameras, reporters, and photographers all over the place during the day.  So, what happened to the story?
        Sadly, this was my first real lesson in media bias.  I found out the next day’s edition of the Washington Post, the home town paper, didn’t even put the event on the front page.  What picture they did include was of a single family with a stroller on a large open patch of grass.  They didn’t even show one crowd shot.  I don’t know where the photographer found that much grass to include in his picture!  The numbers they were reporting were laughable.  100,000?  I’ve been at professional sporting events in stadiums where the verified numbers were around 50,000.  I can tell you the crowd I saw, and was a part of, was at least ten times larger than any stadium crowd I have ever seen.  It was probably over 600,000, conservatively estimating.
         What I learned is that the national media will not report the truth about issues they disagree with.  Abortion has always been a divisive issue in our country ever since a liberal Supreme Court “invented” new rights in the Constitution in 1973.  To be for life is not politically correct.  I didn’t realize, until then, the lengths the media were willing to go in distorting, hiding, and lying about the truth on this issue.  They truly embarrassed themselves on that day.  They proved just how incompetent and ideologically driven they really are.
         The Rally for Life ’90 was the largest rally on the Mall since the great 1960s civil rights gathering.  History alone merited reporting about it.  But, the press didn’t want the rest of America to see just how deep and broad the support for life really is in this country.  A few weeks later, there also was a large gathering on the Mall – a gathering of radical pro-abort feminists.  The press couldn’t help tripping over themselves to promote and report about this rally.  They reported the numbers at 250,000.  The crowd shots I saw showed a much smaller gathering than the one I attended.  But, that didn’t matter.  The story was written even before the event happened – the feminist abortionists outnumber the pro-life religious extremists!" (Hepler. 2016. pp. 126-128)

Eventually, the lies will all be found out.  Given today's greater access by the public to the internet and social media, traditional news media outlets no longer can control the flow of information.

But, we must all do our part to do the job the reporters aren't allowed to do - report real facts to the American people.

The pro-aborts will never admit to what they are really doing.  They are too steeped in their warped religion and too greedy from their profits of death that they will never speak the truth.  Jesus spoke of such people in John 3:19-20 -

"19 This is the judgment, that the Light has come into the world, and men loved the darkness rather than the Light, for their deeds were evil. 20 For everyone who does evil hates the Light, and does not come to the Light for fear that his deeds will be exposed." (NASB)

But, Jesus also challenges us to be people of truth in John 8:32 - 

"and you will know the truth, and the truth will make you free.” (NASB)
We must do all we can to expose the truth about abortion, once and for all!!

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Yes, It Was Very Close

Now that a week has come and gone since the election, the numbers of votes are beginning to be finalized.  As it stands now, over 131 million votes were cast with Hillary Clinton having won the popular vote by around 1.5 million votes.  But, Donald Trump won the election because he won the Electoral College 290-232 (with a possible 16 more EVs to come once the mess in Michigan is sorted out).

Both sides are reacting predictively as a result of this outcome.  The Trump people continue to “high five” each other for getting a very flawed, inexperienced candidate into the most powerful job on the planet.  Christian conservatives are also taking bows – given the numbers showing a large percentage of support for Trump.

On the Clinton side of things, they want to “burn the place down” because their candidate, while winning the votes of most of the voters, has lost the election.  They either don’t understand or have utter disdain for the Electoral College system as it now exists.  (Some are still smarting from the 2000 election when essentially the same thing happened.)

On both sides, wild claims and counter claims are now circulating throughout the world of social media.  In an effort to help true patriots and concerned Americans see through all the smoke and avoid looking like ignorant fanatics and fools, I add to my previous analysis of the election outcome.

Last Wednesday evening, I wrote the following article for The New Americana - Let’s Separate Numbers from Hype, Shall We?  Although quite a bit more is now known from the election’s numbers, my basic points are still correct:

Donald Trump won a closely contested race.

Hillary Clinton failed to turn out her voters to the same extent that Barack Obama was able to do.

Essentially, it came down to 3 states which determined the election – Pennsylvania, Florida, and Wisconsin.

 Much has been made about how wrong the polls were prior to the election, but they really weren’t that far off.  They all showed the race tightening.  Many of the outcomes of the states, vote-wise, were within the pollsters’ margins of errors.  Yes, they missed some critical states slightly, but such was the close nature of this election.

Let’s look again at the important numbers:

Trump won PA, FL, and WI by around a total of 209,000 votes – around 1% in each state.  These 3 states have a total of 59 electoral votes to award.  If a little more than half of these 209,000 voters vote opposite in just these 3 states, Hillary Clinton wins both the popular vote and the Electoral College  - 301 – 231 (without factoring in Michigan either way). 

Again, if around 58,000 Floridians, 34,000 Pennsylvanians, and 12, 000 Wisconsinites vote for Hillary instead of Trump, the election outcome would be reversed.

Now, the reason these 3 states are critical is the fact that most of the other states went the way they were predicted – either red or blue.  Iowa and Ohio went for Trump, but they have been flipping back and forth between red and blue for the past few elections.

Pennsylvania has been blue since the 1980s.  Florida tends to swing back and forth.  Wisconsin has been a blue state until the “Walker Revolution” has transformed it.

In Wisconsin, it has been reported that around 40,000 Milwaukee voters didn’t show up for this election who did vote four years ago.  If Hillary would have gotten those voters out again, she would have won the state.

In Pennsylvania, Half of Hillary’s vote deficit came from just two cities – Philadelphia and Scranton – where her numbers were over 35,000 shy of Obama’s from 2012.

We could analyze Hillary’s turnout failure ad infinitum, but let’s just say she was nowhere near as popular with Democrats as Obama has been.

So, how small was the Trump EC victory?  If we take these 209,000 votes and divide them into the 131 million votes cast, we see a Trump victory that is around 16 hundredths of 1 percent (.0016).

Those who are boasting about a huge landslide for Trump are just not dealing with reality.  Yes, it was dramatic.  Yes, it was unexpected.  Yes, millions have breathed a sigh of relief that America has been spared more of “Clinton, Inc.” infesting the White House again.  But, a landslide?  Not hardly!

Analysis has been done comparing Trump’s Electoral College victory to that of recent and all of the previous Presidential elections.  Here, in graphic form, it is laid out:

From this chart, two very clear things emerge:

First, Trump’s margin of EC victory puts him in the 22nd percentile of all American Presidential elections.  That means he performed better than 21% of other winning candidates.  But, he performed worse than 78% of other winning candidates.  In other words, Trump sits near the bottom of the chart of Presidential electoral successes.

Second, even if we don’t want to go too far back into American History to make a comparison, going back only 10 elections to 1980, Trump’s is ranked 8th out of the 10.  Only George W. Bush performed more poorly.

The kook fringe out there is attempting to assert that Trump also won the popular vote as well.  Again, this is far from reality.  Every credible source of vote totals has Hillary growing her popular vote lead to around 1.5 million votes.  It has risen steadily since election night due to the rest of the west coast vote trickling in.  Yes, Trump’s numbers have risen in the past week as well, but he hasn’t kept pace with Clinton who is still getting votes counted from blue states that she was expected to win handily.

They may point to the fact that the total votes in this election are growing higher than ever before. That is turning out to be true, as it should; given the continuously growing U.S. population.  But, as the following analysis also proves, this year the percentage of eligible voters is actually down amidst the higher number because that number should be even greater: 

In fact, this analysis shows that the percentage of Republicans who turned out stayed pretty much the same as in the past.  Democrat voters were down.  But, 3rd party voters were considerably higher - around 7 million votes.

One other important point which must be made concerns the 81% of evangelicals voting for Trump claim.  As I reported previously, this number was up 2 points from Romney’s support in 2012.  But, the following analysis challenges the 81% figure as accurate.  It raises some important considerations:

The conclusion of this research is that the actual figure is that around 46% of white evangelicals voted for Trump.  This does not take into account Hispanic and African-American evangelicals and how they voted.  Most probably, if anything, including them would drive the percentage of votes for Trump down somewhat.

My point in all of this is to separate fact from fiction.  Yes, Donald Trump did win the election.  Yes, he will take office in January, 2017, barring unforeseen circumstances.  And yes, Hillary Clinton’s political career is over, at least for now.

But, what these numbers do show is that we continue to have a deeply divided country.  Governing will not be an easy task, regardless of who won the election.

Unfortunately, it appears Mr. Trump still hasn't "gotten it."  He recently took to his weapon of choice - Twitter - to discount Hillary's lead in the popular vote:

Trump has shot back, tweeting Wednesday: "If the election were based on total popular vote I would have campaigned in N.Y. Florida and California and won even bigger and more easily."

Trump is delusional if he thinks that just by campaigning harder, he could have won New York and California.  And, since he did win Florida, campaigning harder there might have added a bit to his popular vote numbers, but it wouldn't have given him any extra Electoral Votes to win "even bigger and more easily."

If this arrogance continues after January, he will have a very difficult task ahead of him.  He simply can't dismiss the fact that far more people in America voted against him than voted for him.  His percentage of the popular vote now stands just under 47%.  And, Hillary Clinton is on pace to finish the election with as many as 2 million more votes than Trump (maybe an addition million or so depending how much still is out in California and Washington).

It would have been far easier for Trump to govern if he had also won the popular vote.  But, now he will be continuously hounded as not having a “mandate” from the people to govern.

Hopefully, the course Barack Obama has had America on for the past eight years will now change.  It has to change if we are to survive.

But, that change will not come quickly or easily.  The left will not go away now that the election is over.  Those proclaiming the demise of the Democrat Party are just as naïve as those who proclaimed the demise of the Republican Party after the 1992 and 2008 elections.

If the Trump Administration wants to achieve governing successes, it must be humble but confident in its vision.  People will come around to a conservative vision of America as long as Trump believes in it as well.  If he compromises his promises from the campaign, he will give the Democrats new life in 2018 and 2020. 

The way to significantly change the course the nation is on is to move forward with the vision, as fast as the people will accept.  Changing hearts and minds must happen if change is to be permanent.  Being as draconian as Obama was with his agenda will lead to only temporary gains at best.

But, the first step in this long process is being honest about what happened in the election and being honest with the American people.  We are now a divided people.  Only the truth will bring unity and the healing of our divisions.